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Certified Air Carrier 

Fly with confidence knowing we prioritize your safety.

Elite Aircraft

Learn more about our top of the line aircraft, the Citation CJ2.

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About Us

NorthStar Business Aviation has been providing private jet charter services to customers for over a decade without interruption.  With a flawless safety record, NorthStar continues to provide an exceptional private air travel experience for both business and personal flights in the Continental US.

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We deal directly with the traveler, whenever possible.

We deal directly with our private travelers whenever possible, cutting out unnecessary fees and costs.  We focus on the interaction between our pilots and the traveler creating a trusted relationship with those responsible for your safety at 37,000 ft moving at over 400 mph.

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We charge a competitive base
hourly rate.

Our CJ and CJ2 base rates are among the most competitive in the light jet market.  We reduce our charges for crew wait times and keep any fuel surcharges to an absolute minimum.   Only direct expenses related to flight are added. Unfortunately, we cannot control landing fees, ramp charges, and deicing costs.  We do however work hard to keep these costs as low as possible.  Crew expenses are carefully monitored and kept to a minimum as well.

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We conduct our flights in strict accordance with FAA regulations.  

The FAA has established strict guidelines for charter operators like NorthStar.  These rules are outlined in the FAA's Part 135 Regulations and are designed for the safety of air carrier passengers.  We follow these regulations to the letter and only operate our aircraft in a safety-conscious manner.  If your safety is at all in question, we will not fly. 

We use trusted charter partners when our plane is not right for the mission.

If our aircraft do not meet your mission needs, we will find one that does.  Our charter partners operate aircraft ranging from single and twin-engine jet turboprops to other light and medium jets up to a Challenger 604 and a Gulfstream 550.  Regardless of which plane you use, you are able to leave from our private facility at the Akron-Canton airport.  Of course, the cost will vary depending on the type of aircraft you select.

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